Congratulations: you are a freshman! You’ve worked hard to enter this college and probably are paying decent money for being here. A smart thing to do is get the most out of studying experience. The tips below will serve you well.

  1. Develop good study habits

Remember that your initial year in college becomes a foundation for building and enhancing your studying career. The habits you develop at the very start will also stay there for the upcoming few years. This is why developing good habits for studying is so important.

If you don’t want to become that guy who pesters classmates with "write my paper instead of me" and "do you know what’s on the test?" develop a studying schedule to follow early on. Always leave enough time to complete all assignments and get ready for all tests, choose a time when you are most productive and find a place where you feel most comfortable to work. The sooner this basis is laid, the more it will pay off to you.

  1. Meet your TA’s

We believe this advice to be the most valuable of all. Teacher assistants – or TA’s for short, are graduate students who grade other students’ coursework or lead their seminars and discussions. They are around your age, passionate, knowledgeable and aren’t as busy as college professors. You can meet your TA’s within their office hours and ask them questions about any assignments you get. They’ll help with comprehending material, guide you through unclear concepts, and provide helpful suggestions on how to succeed in your exams. Following TA’s advice will boost your GPA.

  1. Meet your professors

While developing bonds with your major’s department professors can become a bit of a challenge as compared to meeting TA’s, it is definitely worth the effort and time. Eventually, these people will be the ones to give recommendation letters for your internship, jobs, or further educational goals.

Professors are perfect experts in their subjects, so use any chance to ask them for advice in person, and take over the precious experience they share. Professors always note students who show a genuine zest for knowledge.

  1. Join new activities

Despite being busy with socializing, studying and adjusting to a new routine, it’s still worth to find time for joining one or a few student organizations. Aside from looking good on your future CV, such memberships are an awesome chance to explore new interests and meet new people. You may choose between social or philanthropic courses of such groups, or join clubs that are related to arts, sport, religion, politics, etc. Explore the offerings available in your campus.
  1. Use the resources of your campus

Your tuition may include tons of support services such as gym, legal advice, mental health counseling, discounts for public transport, student coupon codes and much more. Since technically you already are paying for all these resources, it’s obviously worth identifying and actually using them.
  1. Earn college credit online

Nowadays, many young people don't want to spend all four years in college to finish it. To go ahead of your course and get the degree sooner, you can use vacations and breaks for earning college credit on the Internet. A lot of courses available online are also eligible for your college credit. Online courses are a convenient and economical way of gaining knowledge. Besides, learning online at your own pace develops discipline and great study habits.

Anyway, despite being busy with all the work and fitting-in of your freshmen year, don’t forget to enjoy your student life!